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Coachella Valley founded business that has grown to service all of Southern California

Furniture is a staple for making an outdoor space look beautiful, but what happens when good quality furniture begins to run down because of heavy use, rain, and UV rays? Over time furniture can chip, paint can peel and crack, and straps and slings can run down, fade, or tear. We saw a need for a better solution to this problem rather than just throwing away an entire set of quality furniture just because of cosmetic wear and tear. Good quality furniture has a durable foundation, so here is the solution. We take existing furniture to its metal base by cutting off old strap and sling material and by sandblasting off old paint. Then, we powder coat on fresh new paint and install new straps and slings. Furniture comes out looking brand new since it went through the same process as it did when it was first made. The best part is that customers are left with furniture that looks brand new without having the expense of buying a complete new set of outdoor furniture.

Why Patio Furniture Doctors?

Patio Furniture Doctors is an outdoor furniture refinishing company founded in Palm Springs, CA that has now grown to serve all of Southern California. Our team has 40 years of experience in outdoor furniture refinishing and we are proud to have developed strong relationships with both residential and commercial customers. We believe that outdoor furniture is just as important as indoor furniture, and we understand that an outdoor furnished space helps bring friends and family together to create memories that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to help our customers keep this space looking new while helping them avoid the expense of buying new. We help our customers maintain their furniture investment. Patio Furniture Doctors provides pickup, delivery, and setup of furniture. Every aspect of the refinishing process has undergone testing and is done in-house right here in Southern California. Our team is trained to inspect every piece of furniture and specializes in making every piece look brand new.

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Patio Furniture Doctors offers three main refinishing services that transforms outdoor furniture. We custom cut and install a new replacement sling for sling chairs, and we replace vinyl straps on strap chairs. We also powder coat the metal frame of all types of outdoor furniture including tables, chairs, and umbrella bases. All three services are used to make outdoor furniture look brand new while protecting our customers’ furniture investment. This empowers our customers to be in charge of their own furniture design. Customers pick from a wide selection of sling fabric patterns, vinyl strap colors, and powder coat paint colors. Customers can choose colors similar to what they currently have or choose a new color scheme.

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Strap Replacement

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Sling Replacement

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Powder Coat Refinishing


Patio Furniture Doctors is a one stop shop for all things regarding outdoor furnishing. In addition to our refinishing services, we sell and install new acrylic tabletops, new umbrellas and umbrella bases, and custom cushions cut to fit any chair for both residential and commercial customers. We also provide new furniture for both commercial properties. We only use the top brand of commercial grade outdoor furniture that is built to withstand the elements for years. We also sell furniture for residential use for wholesale prices.

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Commercial Furniture

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Acrylic Table Tops

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